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Is the team what matters to you? Architects - look over here ūüĎÄ

Is teamwork what gets you going? Is developing and smart solutions what you are all about? Does e-commerce sound exciting? Keep on reading ‚¨áÔłŹ
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Are you the person who is always overviewing the projects and ensures that the most important aspects is getting ticked off in the right order? Do you enjoy being involved in how a solution should be built and¬†making sure that the team has the best possible conditions to perform it?¬†Do you want to be part of a close (slightly nerdy) team, who really cares about development?¬†Then we might just be the perfect match for each other!¬†‚≠źÔłŹ

If someone in the team gets stuck, you will be the helping hand who makes sure that the problem gets solved. Even if you have specific tasks as an architect, you will be the go-to person for others who have questions. Therefore, enjoying teamwork is key in this role!

As an architect with us, your tasks will vary. You will be setting up the basics in the new projects, build the environments for the developers to be able to start coding and specify what environments there are. You won't just be working on one project at a time, but often 5-6 projects, all with different ambitions which of course affects what you get to do. You have to be able to work on different levels, both high and low. Some customers are asking for more advanced solutions, while some ask for "good enough" solutions. The variation is high, we can promise you that!

We need someone who can create smart structure so we can keep on moving forward smoothly in our projects. We want to raise the knowledge level of all our developers and therefore we are looking for a senior person who enjoys sharing knowledge and mentoring. The mentality "I'll do it for the team" is very important if you are gonna fit in here!

Pack this in your bag and come on over!   

  • Good knowledge about .NET technology (if you are able to support the front-end-side it's bonus, but no pressure!)
  • Experience from different types of integrations of ERP-systems (you know what integrations that could and should be used, depending on the information you've got.)
  • Experience of working as a consultant is an advantage but not a requirement

Worried that you are falling short of knowledge? Apply anyway and become one of our wildcards- we are always keen to meet with talented people who's got the right attitude!

Why do people work here?  

Senior developer and architect Stephen shares his story: 


"In my previous job I did not feel that I was contributing to the overall development of the team. I had my tasks that I was assigned, and I sat among people, but I didn't work with them. 

When I came to Columbus, I straight way got the feeling of being part of a group. A group of developers that actually worked together. I wasn’t isolated anymore, I had my team! No more working at a lonely island but together for the greater good of the project. Just as I wanted."

What's your objectives now as a Senior developer with us?

"During my career, there have been many people who helped me get to where I am now, and I really want to give that back. I get to organize a Code Kata every Thursday, and while that does take a lot of my time, that I could be spent on customers, I spend that time on the team. And it is cool if you get the chance to inspire others, to get them to the next level of mastering the code.

It’s interesting to have people coming to me before the code katas with suggestions and ask me to look at things they have built, sometimes even in their free time. It gives me great satisfaction but also improves my own knowledge as I have to revisit and dive into it to prepare the cases."

How will a candidate know if she/he is the one for us?

"Sometimes I come into the office and dig right in to a task from our customers. Other days I walk around and talk with my co-workers, share ideas and thoughts. It is a very open environment if you like to talk about technical things.

That is what we are all about, who we need. You can't be a loner who is only in it for your 8 hours of pay, we want you want to learn and develop with us. You need to be the person who is willing to play around with technology, be part of the team and who are always open to learn, both from senior and junior developers."

"I will be part of the recruitment process, checking your test and meeting you for the technical interview - I look forward to it!"

What do we do?

At Columbus we guide our customers in their digital transformation. For our e-commerce department we have several different e-commerce platforms on offer. At the J√∂nk√∂ping office we mainly focus on Litium, which is based in the .NET technology. We are both backend- and fullstack developers working together with frontend developers, business consultants and project¬†managers - all with high ambitions and very skilled within e-commerce.¬†Check out our J√∂nk√∂ping office!¬†ūüĎá


Our company was initially created by entrepreneurs and the spirit is still alive. We are at the forefront, love to try new things¬†and dare to develop into new areas. We believe that happy and satisfied employees equal happy and satisfied customers. For us this means that we are creative, good at¬†learning from each other and hold a lot of the high expertise in the industry.¬†We want to be the best at what we do, and from there, always get better. At the same time,¬†we are having fun at work! Laughing and joking are a part of the daily routine¬†and we look forward to meeting each other after the weekend. Check out our¬†Instagram¬†if you don't believe us!¬†ūü•≥

With us, new ideas are always welcome, and you have the opportunity to participate and influence from the start.¬†¬†ūüĆᬆ

About Columbus

We are now a part of Columbus!  

Together, we have created one strong player on the market with approximately 2000 employees in 18 different countries. This means we will continue to heavily invest in the Commerce department! ūüéȬ†


Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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